Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tengah Malam

Something is not right he thought when he slowed down at the run down stop. It is not something he wanted to do, it is what his body unconsciously responded to. Something or someone was calling him to slowly hit the brakes when his head was all thinking about  his bursting bladder. In fact that particular someone was waving him to stop. A woman clad in white with a babe in arms and a large bag on tow at the stop. Something is not right about the woman his heart told him but still, he stopped. Kindness overruled suspicion by votes of 2 to 1 and so he wound down his window and asked, cik buat apa kat sini malam2? Perlu kan bantuan ke?
The woman looked at him with eyes full of sorrow before replying in an almost a hoarse whisper saya baru lepas tinggalkan pasangan saya. Saya dah tak tahan sangat dah. The man relaxed a bit despite his head flashing the warning numerous times, another damsel in distress he told himself. He wasn't really listening to the woman pouring her heart and soul to him for he was busy checking her out. Ever since knowing that he attracted girls like a flame to moths the feeling has been mutual. He thought he had seen all the beauties to be seen and tasted all that could be experienced but even after leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him he had not seen such a beauty like the one standing outside his windows. This one is different, his itchy heart said. The face was flawless, smoother than any lenglois he had been with, heck it is comparable to a china teaset! Far too smooth his inner warning system warned again but he dismissed it as his eyes wandered all over in search of more exciting discoveries.
The rocking she gave the babe was fast losing its effect, the babe began the wail that could match a fire engine's siren. Interrupted, she excused herself to go to the bag in search of something. When she bent down to rummage through the bag his eyes found what it was looking for, he was entreated to a sight that set his heart and loins on fire; the most magnificent behind he had ever seen.

But then when she turned back to face him with a milk bottle safely silencing the small siren she had her arms, something made him question the reason he was there and why the woman was there. Reason flooded back into his head and at that moment he realized that the hands that was cradling the babe is suspiciously too muscular and he thought he saw something moving below the woman's chin when she talks. Realizing that he was staring in shock of her the woman asked in a voice that most definitely did not belong to a woman "Kenapa bang? abang okay ke tak nii? " At the same time, in tradition with all stories involving a woman in white with a babe at a secluded place, the blanket that has been covering the babe fell off, revealing an old tombstone.

Pon...pon..PONDANNNN!!! ,the man's stutter gave way to a full volume scream.

Insulted, the woman/man/something retorted, EH TAK LAH NOK. KAU HINA MAK YAAA??? all the while staring hard at him with now bloodshot eyes.
His movements were amazingly fast and before the blink of an eye he had had his window up and the car already putting a distance from the accursed place. Outside the pondan or pondianak or whatever it is already wailing, laughing his/her hearts out all the while taunting him, asking for a ride.

Inside the car the man had lost all bladder controls and the only thing on his mind now were getting the hell home having re-learned  the lesson to not to talk to strangers, especially strangers wearing white.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Back from work. Same old stuff, office politics bore me to death. I learned one new thing though, the capitalist tendency to oppress knew no race and spoke only one language. Money.

After almost a month of traversing the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 2 i can see why the critics sang praises of it and fans hailed it as the greatest RPG ever. I totally understand why Fallout 2 tugs at their nerdy soul. Adventures in which pointy eared elves/height deficient dwarves/other stock fantasy race in a Tolkien-esque setting trying to save the world are dime a dozen. Despite the dated graphics Fallout 2 is a breath of fresh air. The first thing i noticed is how the game tried to push the the boundaries of realism in a game, the graphics notwithstanding. Profanities pepper conversations, drug use is an accepted fact in the game. Use a substances far too often and you will get addicted to it. Violence? there's enough for everyone. Hell, take your own pick. Good old melee or rain lead on your opponent.
The game presents itself as ultimate what-if scenario of the future; Nuclear holocaust between the two remaining superpowers, China and the US and its aftermath. In a war between the superpowers, what happens to the little people, the everyday joes and janes when the dust finally settles, that was what the game sought to portray.

Like Malaysian judges, i have a backlog of unfinished stuffs and yet here i am, going on and on about random things.