Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Question

What did you wanna be Raymond K. Hessel?!.... The question Raymond was: what did you want to be!
                                                                                                                 -Tyler Durden, Fight Club-

Haven't blogged here for quite some time now. Life of a parasite is not easy. Depriving other people of their home or their money in the bank account is all time consuming. A lot of things factors in motion right now or has happened is influential in the formation of this question. Call it a the year-end existentialism crisis or whatever but the question remains: What do i really want to be. 

Was is Frank Zappa who said that if you ended up who did not want to be because of you listened to your parents, you family or your preacher even, then you deserved it. I think that is an apt quote for the situation at hand. Maybe, just maybe had i put my foot down years ago i would not be asking this question to myself now.

Should i just pull the plug to whatever am i doing now and just lived as i had before? a life of not material wealth but of emotional, intellectual fulfillment, lots of walking and some random acts of disobedience.

The question i should be asking myself over and over is: what did you want to be!