Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Don't You Get a Job?

Now that the results came out my status as a glorified couch potato has been duly certified. Not that i am not grateful for the prolonged break from anything productive, i am but there would come a time when you would be tired of all the idleness. Tired of just lazing around the house in the truest sense of the word.

I did however  put in some effort at letting most if not all legal firms nearby of my availability to be the running dog of the partners, to be willingly put under the yoke of servitude for the next nine months. Alas, to no avail. I must say that i am tired of waiting for the email that never came. Its been nearly a week. One would wonder whether  my queries regarding the availability of an opening was even received by the firms.

The old me of two years ago would greatly relish this prolonged holiday but not me. Not my current self.  Despite the manic urge to do nothing for the foreseeable future, another part of me would constantly remind me the need to grow up and start doing, i dunno. anything useful.

I suppose the email server of the firms broke down and my email never reached them. Kot. Bugger.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Apa Di Atas?

Tidak ada apa-apa di atas ya. Well not much actually. But come to think of it a lot has happened since i last updated this blog with something readable but me being me most of it i have forgotten already.

Ermm, actually updating this blog took a lot of courage on my part aided chiefly with insane amounts of liquid courage (Frost's rootbeer that is. Not liquor i assure you). Why the fear you ask? After a prolonged lapse of updates and almost a year of cloistered life in the Seventh Level of Hell i fear that my English is not what as it used to be. For all the claims that command of English language is necessary to learn the Law we might as well learn Telegu for all the texts, tracts, treatises, and case laws are written in the tangled mass of Legalese. Yes, Legalese, the tongue in which the Law speaks with. Mostly archaic or never-heard before English which would make you grateful that they invented the Internet, throw in some Latin and Legal French and hey presto! Legalese. So to come back to the matter of hand, no. No habla ingles, por favor. We conduct our businesses strictly in Legalese (except when its the Bahasa Melayu Perundangan class). So you get the picture. To rub salt to the already rusty English of mine, the tight schedule we had to keep in order to keep ourselves alive in the course meant that personal time to pursue your own hobby is somewhat limited. Even if we had time to spare its almost always spent on eating or sleeping. It is a real simulated office hell, i kid you not.

Where was i?

Oh yes, whats up with me.

First off, i am (hopefully) done with petty office politics (just because its simulated doesn't mean there aren't any lame asses like in the real office). While some of my colleague has went off to join legal firms (the real deal that is), my own plans faced a slight delay due to some unforeseen circumstances. So now i am simply enjoying my newfound status of being one of the gainfully unemployed or to put it politely, i am in between jobs.

My daily life alternates between looking up for legal firms on the Net and polishing up my resume with ridding the Mohave desert of mutated critters and raiders in between the two. Occassionally i would go out of the house to stretch my legs, maybe go for a long walk here and there as recommended by most physician. That is life, moving at my own pace. Oh yes sir, i am in no hurry to join the rat race. I shall have my cup of tea now while the rest of the world race themselves to death. Come to think of it, the term in between job aptly applies in my current state for i am in a transition from a mere universiity student to a full fledged adult and usually in a tribal society they would have some initiation ceremony of some kind with those face-painting and stuff. I guess mine would revolve around creating a kick-ass resume and cover letter. Perhaps i should be content with that.

But still, it would have been nice to have an initiation ritual of some sorts.

This state of not doing something in return for a meagre salary is of course, temporary like the old pasar. Once the results are out then we shall see what we shall see. If all bodes well for me then with a hit of a button a flurry of emails containing my vital statistics would reach various legal firms afterwhich the wait would begin. Ok la, not at the touch of a button, buttons, satisfied?

You know, come to think of it. Circumcision can be considered as an initiation ritual to adulthood. At least it was for those who had the opportunity for the deed to be done on a banana tree trunk. But that was of course way back in time where the use of anasthetics were not as common like now and where the rivers were still crystal clear. Nowadays, its in clinics (with no banana tree trunks involved) with a jab to the nether parts. I wonder if they still had it done that way in the kampongs.

Anyways, there is still a wee bit of time left until we know and accept the outcome the exams so there is still time for me to savour this time in between times.

Perhaps i ought to savour this time with a long walk with many things to think about.