Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ca va Bien?

It has been a real long while. The sheer level of workload was beyond my expectations. Even now i am still trying to cope with it. That thing called pupillage. My master once asked in jest: ready to give up? a weak smile was my only answer. In truth, i don't give up on things. I  make tactical withdrawals, go for a walk (and some tea perhaps) and go in again for another try. Whatever it is, it is goddamn tiring as hell. Law school is tiring but this is way more tiring. This is the real deal. Now, despite having a few matters on urgent basis i could not help but to indulge in my favourite pastime. Typing crap online.

Somehow,my rekindled enthusiasm with all things skinheads coincide with this Merdeka month. An old interest i admit.  A real WTF moment when i heard about this year's merdeka month slogan. I have to admit though, the one PR came up for was catchier and more appropriate but slogans aside, let us not forget the significance of the month.  Perhaps Najib and the Ultras can learn something from this song below.

More on the Merdeka month later but for now;
Selamatkan Kemerdekaan Ini! Unite!