Friday, September 30, 2011

De Jah Vous

Its like Groundhog Day. I've been here, i've been through this before, i know this. The only thing i can't figure out is what the hell am i still doing here stuck in this loop.

Friday, August 12, 2011


One good thing Abah did, apart from infecting me with them books was to introduce me to Pink Floyd.

Terima kasih Abah.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
                                                                                                           -  Thomas Jefferson- 

Pudu; An Epitaph.

This one was back when they announced that Pudu Jail is going to be demolished. I do not know why its sitting in the drafts folder.

A hundred and score years she stood
The grand old lady,
of Sorrow some said and Redemption for others

Out of English sense of right and wrong it came
of foreign bricks upon conquereds land was she built
A sign of might, a statement building,
A gaol.

Many came in, many left
But some never walked out again
Strung up, when the Law pronounced them condemned

Dead man walking, they say.

For those who left,
Through the same iron doors they first came through
When the Law deemed them reformed,
but Society is often the harshest Judge
For those who walked out are never truly free,
Forever they bore the invisible mark all can see,
that once a convict, always a convict.

Time pass by,
Convicts came, convicts left, convicts died
But still she stood,
amongst the maddening pace of progress
The old lady of Pudu

She herself stands condemned,
Greed her hangman
The noose, our ignorance.

Oh i curse the powers that be
Who sold our past for a pot of gold
For is it our way to erase history and to kill the old?

I pity our children, and their children's children
Who could not forget what they never learned
Who cannot know what they never saw at all
That there was once an old prison in Pudu
and we sold it all for a mall. 

In memory of our another demolished past,

Welcome to the Jungle

Office politics have always amused me. The rivalries, the backstabbings, the drama, the petty alliances, the kontroversis which is all geared towards the ultimate aim; To be in the Boss's good books. No different here in the simulated office environment.
And how odd for me to be able to withstand all this.

Mo Man Tai

Paperwork paperwork and more paperwork. In between the junk foods, processed stuffs and the crazy race against Time we derive joy from life's simple pleasure like falling asleep in the lecture halls or the fact that it was  the simple fact that you'll get used to the sleep deprivation over time. T  The most important thing now is not to lose your momentum. This ain't hell, this is just a mere fraction of the life that we city dwellers have chosen to be in. There is always a choice.

Be the Ball

"You've got a good way of putting your point across"

LLB: 5
Aku: 1

Hell Freezes Over

i'm done. with the first circle of hell that is. its hell but not enough to warrant bellows of frustration nor physical destruction. it  is tiring sure but its not as bad as what the previous semesters have to endure. perhaps our added number have something to do with it. its that or the lecturers are getting too old, all mellowed  out to give us hell. we're getting soft. i fear that with each semesters the product is not as good as the previous batches were. where their resilence were tempered from hard work, sweat, tears, and scary as hell lecturers and rejected works, i fear OURS is soft. Way too soft i guess. Anyway i am glad its over. One down, one more semester to go.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Kau nyamuk yang sudah sekali aku spray. Jangan sampai aku jadi macam mamat dalam iklan Shieldtox. You will regret it. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can we go home now?

At this point of time, i really really..really dislike juggling.

Monday, March 28, 2011


The moment French jets screamed overhead
and rained fiery death and destruction
Dies the dream of Free Libya
Fare thee well Gadaffi, thou shall not be missed
Its been too long,
Far too long

When elation fades in the hail of bullets
And  rocketry and barrages,
Reality kicks you in the gut.
Self-Liberation becomes Self-Preservation
and you say; the end justifies the means
But o what an end have you chosen
When you sold your pride and honour.

Was it asked amongst you,
Isn't it better live free for a day than to live yoked for a thousand years.
For Freedom bought with Western bombs and missiles is no Freedom at all,
Only to exchange one tyranny with another.

Goodbye Free Libya.
As brief and illusory as your existence may be,
You shall be missed.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Black and Green (again)

Earth Hour ini semua adalah sampah. What difference will it do to the enviroment by turning off your light for an hour? An hour later the same dickhead who turned off the lights would be in a club jiggling his/her ass to the music blaring out from power consuming amps, gasoline consuming cars would still roam the roads, bright lights would still pollute the night, tell me what difference will it make?

Meminjam kata Bibo, "Kita ni sibuk mengikut omputih, apa dia buat kita nak buat"

Sheeples and fools.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Berkilaulah Wahai Engkau Si Berlian Yang Gila

Record Breaking achievement: 15 hours in the office and counting, and still 2 more long topics yet to be covered
for tomorrow's test.

Attaboy Amir, attaboy..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Office ku Office mu jua.

Perempuan 1: Kau ni aku tengok macam dah GIVE,DEVISE AND BEQUEATH diri kau pada ofis je la. Bagus sangat.

Aku: (dalam hati) Cilaka punya perempuan, tau la tengah buat Wills..

Memang tidak dapat dinafikan, hidup aku semenjak sebulan lepas memang berkisar pada rutin yang sama. Rutin yang aku paling benci dulu, cooped up in the office the whole day till your arse goes numb. Jadi salaryman, sans the salary. Makan tido pejam celik ofis.Which begs the question, do i want to do this for the next 20-30 years?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


If this is hell then hell is sugary and laced with caffeine. Bring it on.

Friday, January 21, 2011

like a troll in a china shop

 Woke up with a sour mood, lucky its Friday today. I'm going for a walk.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I don't see the big deal with the shortage of maids in this country. Instead relying on foreign talents in the arts of housekeeping and child-raising why not look closer to home? Why not utilize the untapped pool of local talents? i'm sure there is a large pool of seri kartikas in the country, the drunks, the traffic offenders, in short, those whose offence that can be sentenced to community services.

For one, it would stem the massive influx of Cambodians and Godknows who else into the country. Secondly i think doing a year or so of domestic chores might be very rehabilitative to those convicted of not-so-serious offences. I mean, given to Malaysian's well-known reputation for testing out new kettles and irons on maids (so said the Indonesians) we can rest assured that by the time their sentence is done they would emerge as new man or woman, full of keinsafan, not to mention we can avoid straining the already strained relationship with our Indonesian neighbour with another Nirmala Bonat-like incident. After losing the AFF Suzuki Cup i think they are ready to wage war with sharpened bamboos and all over any perceived provocation from us.

Whatever the details maybe, the move would be a win-win situation for all. The offenders get ironed out (literally) and we get our maids. No money wasted on hiring illegal temps and no need to scout for a new source of cheap maids.

Or, we can just stop relying on maids and do these things ourselves. Iron our own shirts, cook our own dinners, wash our own dishes and raise our children ourselves. After all, its kasih sayang ibu bapa the children needs, not kasih sayang bibik.

The first step towards inculcating self-reliance in our increasingly lazy and dependant society begins with washing your own plates. Start today.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Having my firm at Cempaka is entirely the reverse of what i first had in mind.

Firstly, there's a cafeteria that operates from morning till 10 in the evening, and then there's the roti rempit kiosk, the yet-to-resurface,nasik lemak/ processed food stall at C2 right outside the photocopy shop. When there is LawSoc event like the two-day Scour for Books fair at the Dataran Jam which was like practically outside the firm, good foods , books and distractions are sure to be had.

Secondly, the firm is on the ground floor which was good news for us and even better for the matured students, the only climbing we had to do is to our classes at AL622/624, parkings are available all around, take your pick, Pusat Islam, Kenanga, Perindu., if you can dodge the Pak guards. As for me its just within walking distance so its a big yay for me.

Thirdly, did i mention theres a photocopy shop just a fart's distance from my class? pretty handy if you know when to avoid the BLS crowd.

I have no call to see the BLS students as noobs but that's what they are.Their numbers can be a headache at times but at the same time they serve as the morale booster without them knowing it. Being the only dude in black and white in a sea of colours will command awe and respect almost immediately, hence the feel good factor there.

I've become very much attached to my firm, even though its a bit cramped and not in most technical of senses, a proper LLB office but who cares, as long as its with roofs, walls and lockable doors it will do. Who needs a firm at Level 7, i don't. The other classes can rot and starve up there, we're thriving in Cempaka.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

End (What's New?)

What have i achieved this year?
- None, except to have fulfilled my lifelong dream of walking all over KL.
-Oh wait, there was something else. After 4 eye-opening months of attachment and an interview the Faculty saw it fit to cram me into the LLB program. So yeah. I'M GOING TO HELLLL!!

What's for next year?

-Thinning them fats
-Gorge myself Intellectually.