Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tentang Cuti, Babi dan Membaca

Two days, nay, make it five days ago the moment i came out of my Family Law class i was immediately greeted with the rumour that Big Brother has imposed a quarantine order on the campus effective immediately. The rumour that began like a faint fart gained momentum until word came down the grapevine from those who are the part of the system that a 5 day quarantine order has indeed been imposed in the guise of an early semester break (bollocks if you ask me). Without even waiting for the reason for the quaratine order the crowd upon hearing this fell into a mad scramble to leave the campus en masse, girls especially. I have to say that any normal person would look to this sudden, uncalled for semester break with great cynicism, nothing is freely given in this world and i was right, whether the rest of the jubilant crowd realizes this or not we've just had our Raya Break cum study week cut down to only 3 days. A deal with the Devil it was.

3 freaking days!!

There won't be enough time to stuff myself with the Grandmaster's rendang before franticly trying to memorize the tons of notes i would have accumulated by then. Its a blasphemy!! an unforgiveable insult to all sober, right thinking members of society who dearly love Hari Raya. Only problem is, everyone is too busy enjoying the uncalled for semester break to worry for more important things like rendangs and study week. Its all them pigs fault, yes, blame them pink and snouted pets of the majority of the world population for all this mess.

On the other hand, in the daze of the launch night not too long ago, i have inadvertently said yes to a proposition that requires me to read in front of public (more like a bunch of artsy-fartsy hardcore Opposition supporters) at Seksan last saturday and read in front of a crowd i did though, i could have done better than what i did that evening. It washowever, a good way to get to know the literati crowd which to some extent did make me feel slightly out of place with all the person i only know by name and the dizzying mix of personalities present there. I may be already out of the cave and trading but mingling around, is just not my cup of tea, yet.
The missus who was present at the occasion remarked, "i never knew you've got an accent" I didn't realize it meself, must have picked it up from all those Tamil lecturers and teachers. Sharon Bakar who got it all together praised my rather feeble attempt at trying to read out parts of my essay to the already restless crowd(i was the last person to read) but one thing she said got stuck that soft spot in my noggin. I'm still trying work it whether its a compliment or whether its a polite way to say that the essay is a tad too draggy.
Right. Perhaps i should lose the accent

Sorry the blog is not as well kept as it was before, i'm too lazy to sit in front of the pc clicking the refresh button repeatedly while my curses to Screamyx and Maxis becomes a backgournd muzak. It does things to your head.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alam dan Manusia

"By understanding many things.. i have accomplished nothing"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hairi (bukan nama sebenar)

Walaupun aku lihat diri aku sebagai seorang peminat J.R.R Tolkien yang rabid, secara am nya aku tidak ada masalah dengan Harry anak si Potter, aku tidak merasa takjub mahupun hairan yang si Harry itu adalah the chosen one mahupun aku merasa cuak atau gentar yang Voldemort bebas berkeliaran itu telah berjaya menceraiberaikan jiwa nya ke beberapa ketul yang tersembunyi di sana-sini untuk menjamin keabadian hidupnya. Yang aku geram kan ialah apabila cermin mata bulat ala John Lennon itu sekarang selalu sahaja di associatekan dengan si Harry (kenapa la J.K Rowling buat dia rabun, tak boleh ke dia ada 20/20 vision? tak pun pakai contact lenses)
Apa-apa pun, setelah melihatkan si Harry dalam filem terbarunya dan setelah melihatkan panggung senyap sunyi ketika Dumbledore mati di abdacadabra(betul ke ejaan ni?) Snape, timbul sedikit minat untuk menyelak kembali buku Harry Potter yang pernah seketika dulu aku pegang di Borders dulu (selak duatiga muka sahaja sebelum aku tewas dengan S.M Stirling).
Iya, kali ini Harry sudah besar panjang dan tema nya sudah lebih gelap dari filem-filem yang sebelum ini. Kepada mereka yang merasakan siri Harry Potter (filem, bukan buku ya. Aku masih belum terpanggil untuk baca buku2 nya) itu adalah fantasi, CGI dan wand-waving action semata2 mungkin akan cepat bosan, but not me. Count me in when the last movie comes out next year. I may have contracted the Potter bug.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


..apabila engkau mula mem-banging kan kepala mengikut alunan muzik dan pulang dengan telinga yang separa pekak dan tengkuk yang sengal-sengal engkau tahu yang muzik aku dengar itu bukan nya picisan dan orang Jepun itu mula menjajah semula tanah Semenanjung ini. (No need to thank me, i know i have good musical taste)

.. bila engkau pulang ke bilik yang sekian lama terputus dari hubungan luar (dan tak putus-putus melempar carutan demi carutan kepada Ananda Krishnan dan syarikatnya) untuk mendapati modem Maxis terletak di tempat paling tinggi di bilik (umpama altar gamak nya, cuma kekurangan colok dan limau dua tiga biji) dengan cable-cable LAN yang menyemakkan engkau tahu yang bilik kau dihuni oleh sekumpulan Netjunkie. (FaceBook itu addictive, aku tahu. Usah tipu diri kau dengan alasan ini semua untuk kerja)

..bila jerebu sedikit mengaburi penglihatan kau sewaktu dalam perjalanan ke kelas pagi tadi engkau tahu yang jiran kau diseberang itu bongoknya tidak dapat dibantu lagi.

..bila suasana petang di Seksyen 1 ini terasa seperti berada di Gurun entahmana engkau tahu yang bisnes menjual air itu akan menjadi lebih hit dari biasa tiba bulan puasa nanti.

..bila engkau mula berhubung dengan supervisor project paper engkau dan melihatkan junior yang kehulu dan kehilir berbaju black and white dengan kad matrik oren tergantung dileher menyemak di right of way engkau, kau terasa diri ini sudah tua (sangat).

..bila melihatkan kucing-kucing di level ini sudah hilang gene bulu kuning keorenan nya dan Atan sudah 2 semester menghilangkan diri (sudah mati barangkali) engkau tahu yang masa sudah lama berlari meninggalkan kau dan kini tiba masa untuk memikirkan kehidupan selepas graduasi (dan LLB, insyaallah).

..bila engkau lihat gambar Big Brother yang dahulunya terpampang di billboard sudah hilang diganti dengan gambar abah (abah kau, bukan abah aku) kau tahu yang masa memang sudah terbang pergi (sial kau Cicero).

Melancholic, i know. How i wish for Time not to move in a straight line.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


To total the days i've spent without any internet connection i'd say it would be around 2 weeks now. Its not that we chose to live offline but rather the circumstances thrust this upon us. Suffice to say that being caught between a crappy ISP (curse you Ananda Krishnan!!) and a promise of wireless connection by the Big Brother that never seemed to come into fruition ain't a nice spot to be in, especially when you had your project paper scheduled to begin next week. Its a really stressful situation to be in when you are already used to be able to look up for anything from your best friend Google or buzz anyone on your friends list via Yahoo Messenger. I am not a Net Addict, i can live offline but that is a choice for me to make in the future, not a thing to be thrusted upon me now in the most critical stage of my studies. By the way, for all who tried to contact me via FB, apologies to you guys. Now that the room is officially offline for some considerable time, life took a new turn for me in some ways. That weekly chessgame between me and my mates is now a daily ritual though i still generally suck at it for i still live by Lord Nelson's dictum, go straight at 'em and the lack of access to my blogs did not dampen my urge to type out nonsense in the middle of the night also, in view to improve my rather ..beautiful handwriting i've even taken the time to write things out in paper along with taking time to really read stuff like i used to do. The Netsavvy troll constantly on the prowl over the Net is now a renaissance man, reading by candle light and delighting in intellectual pursuits, ok maybe no reading by candle light but still the lack of connection to the virtual world in some ways is comforting for life seems to take a slower pace as i have always wished it to be. In some other ways though its a pain in the arse.

By the by, on the issue of FaceBook being blocked by the Admins, it is ironic that they have all the time and means to keep the students (and staffs) from surfing certain sites but didn't have the same enthusiasm to improve the infrastructure of their own websites (the online registration is a total pain in the ass and not to mention the security (the official portal has been hacked back in '08). Very odd indeed. We could use a bit of reliability there now that the number of students have increased, not another stranglehold over our right to associate and to express ourselves.

Oh well, back to my books.