Wednesday, August 5, 2015

your train is delayed, again.

Currently i am functioning at half of my full mental capacity. The funtioning half kept running by the combined effect of nicotine and caffeine (Ah blessed caffeine!). The non functioning half succumbed to sleep thus impairing my thought processes. Like when you board KTM commuter train, certain parts of the journey will be marked with sudden loss of power before the train powers back on again. Like that, my train of thoughts constantly slowed down when it passes through the sleeping part of my mental rail, or so it goes. The reason me still awake at this hour being an urgent striking out application which i had just remembered this morning ( this morning being Tuesday morning). It was due only on Thursday morning but one of the virtues of having clients you have difficulty of meeting is that chances are, come Thursday morning, his signature would still not be on the affidavit. i am talking legal gobledegook. I know. I probably should get some sleep, to maximise .. i forgot what i was about to say. Signing the affidavit, then theres the affirming to be done after the signing. Sometimes it made me wonder for the absurdity of having all these sworn statements. Its not as if the Commisioner of Oath even know whatever that was written is the truth and nothing but the truth. If the bugger wants to lie and lie he or she will, be it in writing or orally so help me God. Hell, chances are the poor Commissioner doesnt even know what he is actually stamping as the truth. Then again, what is the truth? Truth is Sleep is in negotiation with the still awake half of my brain for an instrument of surrender. I have fought honourably beyond all expectations, i may march out with my colours intact, fully armed with my honour untarnished. I have fought the good fight, its time to sleep now and fight again come tomorrow said Sleep. In a minute. Dear me. I have not updated this blog for some time now. Busy busy as bees trying to survive. Always feeding that queen Bill& Debt. Surely there is more to life than that. Theres sleep. And theres the srnse of accomplishment of a job well done. There is also what we call the ungrateful clients. Its a thankless job this is. You either a liar and a cheat or you are a cheat or a charlatan. All of a feather. Quack or cluck or whatever. Made me think why Shakespearehated lawyers so much. He probably got served with Judgement. Thou art served you little shit. Its a wonder i can still type all this up with half of my mind asleep. The analytical part is totally asleep so legal drafting is hopelessly out of the question. Creative side however, is having a field day. O blessed caffeine. I guess this is the state they call in between waking and sleeping. Perhaps we can call it waleeping. Or whatever. The state perfect for what writers call....ah.. shit i cant remember...something writing. Stream of consciousness writing. Thats it. There will be Hell to pay tomorrow. Oh yes. There will be Hell to pay tomorrow. Ok Sleep, where do i sign?