Saturday, October 22, 2016

How Few Remain

Just got back from work. Thought of what had happened to this blog. Skimmed through list of followed blogs. Most are infested with..bots?, taken over, deleted, mutated, migrated or just plain gone. Only a tiny few remain. It saddens me. It has been a while after all.

Oh cicero, i hate it when you are right.

This blog has seen me through lawschool, singlehood, married-hood and now, abah-hood. Barring a worldwide catastrophe in which all electronics are rendered no better than bricks, or me having a quarter life crisis and decided to (foolishly) delete this blog, i hope blogger servers keep this one running and archived, hopefully..

Unless the machines rose first.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I Ate the Sun. Now shitting comets and other fiery celestial bodies/thing/stuff. (or maybe its the coffee talking)

Lets go back to the day when i met the Masters (circa few days ago). The De Jure Master asked about my 'other' calling. I told him. Got burned twice now. Then he told me this (more or less); as is law so is the other calling. Lose enough cases and you will inevitably win some (unless. unless, you are truly a moronic piece of turd to not have learned anything from the previous losses). Heard and/or read many variations of it before. But, this, coming from a highly respected individual to me gave that shot in the arm i need.

I lost count how many fleshing out of ideas, paragraphs and such that i lost with my old S3. Not that i lost the phone. It was the device itself, the memory card (which i suspect to be faulty) which sent me countless signals of its intention to retire from active service. Ideas, lost. Probably forever. Had it not been for the Missus, i probably would have curled up into fetal position and wept. 

I am a forgetful person. Back when i was still using a dumb phone, i used to walk around with a small notebook in my back pocket. I jot down almost everything but mostly ideas. Ideas which later in the late evening, whenever i am free (which was almost all the time), magic hour. Just me and the keyboard. The feat which i am keen to repeat now, albeit in a new different set of circumstances (wife, boy and business). God, i miss those days.   

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Beans, dreams and stuff

I am having a bad case of the shits. Could be the enchilada, could be the beans or it could even be the donuts i downed on my way back from Kuantan. One heck of a way to celebrate.

Won my case in Kuantan, partially. Until final bills are paid all wins are incomplete. Got to think of a trophy wall of sorts.

I am attempting minimalistic writing. Discovered that time travel is possible just now when was drafting/compiling documents for cause paper for Industrial Court. Tired, like a worn out tire. Ready to be recycled into sandals. One scene came to mind, some years ago was asked during interview: dream job or work life balance? Answered work life balance. Didn't get the job. Boring desk job anyway. Probably wont give stuff to write about.

Got together with mentors from old pupillage firm. About four days ago. De Jure Master and De Facto included. Talked shop. Exchanged professional complaints. Asked for free legal advice. Kept talking in low voice and looking over to me when talking politics, as if i am of questonable loyalties. Told them am a card carrying member of PSM. Shut them up good. Let them make out the meaning of it if they will. Not sure if PSM has membership cards. Not going to join PSM. Not sure will join. Not until that Khalid guy leave for Iran or get himself shot in the balls.

Political affiliation difficult to explain. Wish could pull a one liner like H. Bogart in Casablanca. Nationality? I'm a drunkard. Not a drinker. But, something like that. Too ill disciplined to toe party lines. Too lazy to entertain neo feudal lords.

Got tons to do tomorrow but still not sleeping. Too stressed to sleep. Probably need sleeping pills, or something. Hope wont spawn a Tyler in my head. Life is weird as it is. Already planning to blow up banks and corporation (metaphorically).

Probably should sleep now. Correction. Must sleep now. Hell can come collect tomorrow morning. If boy didnt wake me up first.