Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Words of Wisdon

"Bagus..bagus.. kerja rajin2 pastu nanti bila kau dah top boleh kerja dgn Mob."

That's what my cousin told me when i told him i am doing alright right now.

Yeap, too much Godfather for us.

But then again...

Friday, March 16, 2012

 aku berdiri di bawah sinar lampu jalan dan berdiri, cuma berdiri. Menyerap segenap bunyi, bau dan mainan cahaya. Deruman motor di kejauhan, bunyi Apit menghafal sifir di rumah nenek, imej KLCC dibaluti awan lembut yakni asapnya sendiri, angin malam berpuput lembut. Rumah nenek, rumah nenek yang sangat bersejarah dan di mana aku membesar, datang perasaan yang membuak-buak yang tak terbendung.

Aku sayang kampung aku.

Biarlah ada yang kata kampung aku cuma suburbia berrumah ala kampung, ini kampung aku. Kampung aku. Aku membesar di sini. Jika datang hari celaka bila aku perlu memilih kesetiaan antara kampung ku dengan kesetiaan yang lebih besar seperti Robert E. Lee perlu memilih antara kampungnya Virginia dan United States of America, aku tahu mana pilihan ku.

Ini kampung ku, aku hidup di sini dan jika perlu, aku akan mati di sini.

Aku sayang kampung aku.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Always two of them, a master and an apperentice. Guess which one i am?

blood and bloody ashes!

realizing that all that i had typed previously had not been properly saved is one of the most irritating thing ever in this world. Ever. Not one but two, even three posts that i have drafted somewhere else now lost forever. Damnation!

Anyways, the short of it: i had gone for an interview last week. It was one of the worst interview ever but in the end i got the job. Silver lining and cloud stuff indeed. Today, after having re-affirmed the fact that i am an enemy to the trees, i have taken the first step towards getting myself qualified as a lawyer. The first two forms Form 1 and 2 has been filed. Lots of running to and fro. Add in nail-biting last minute rush to the counter (them numbers seemed really useless for the seemingly lack of counters for the High Court matters. The chaps over at the Sub Court counters were content to twiddle their thumbs or completely engrossed with their computers over some matter suspected of non-work nature). After almost five (5) hours and help from friends but most importantly from the Missus, the deed is done. Three (3) more forms to be filed this coming Thursday and then three (3) more whenever the nine (9) months would be nearing its end and hey presto! you've got yourself an avocat.

Oh well, that is all that i can think of to write right now. More to come later when time and ability allows me.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I hate Bangsar.

Seriously i do. How can it be for a place that is purportedly call itself the crib of the yuppies and expat not have more than 5 mamaks there. It is beyond comprehension. Heck, it is disgraceful. A big disgrace for Bangsar.

It was drizzling and my stomach was rumbling like mad. Add in an appointment cancelled on the last possible minute you have got yourself a recipe for a man ready to go berserk at any moment. The image a plate of sizzling hot mee goreng mamak played out in a loop inside my head and my stomach rumbled in approval.

Need..to..eat..mee goreng mamak.. or so the tune my stomach played out.

Through the slight drizzle i saw salvation in sight, two mamaks within a fart's length from the UOA building under whose shadow i took shelter. Already damp from walking, nay, jogging from my house to the Lrt station for the appointment i decided to wait for the drizzle to peter out before making my move.

Of the two mamaks in operation adjacent to the Bangsar Lrt station, one has questionable halal status. The other closed up as soon as i reached it. I took a look at the time, it was nine. NINE!! what kind of mamak closed up at nine? It is against the first rule of Mamak business principle: A mamak never ever ever close up before midnight.

The image of mee goreng mamak danced in my head mockingly. by this time i swore i can even smell the damn thing. Nasty thing hunger is. It does things to your head.

Desperate to for mee goreng mamak, i looked around for alternatives and saw the signboard of Public Bank in the distance. A bank meant a cluster of commercial center and commercial centers meant there's bound to be mamaks thereabouts and thus i set out in the drizzle to look for my mee goreng mamak to sate my demonic hunger.

I was in a trance while i walked from where i was to the shining signboard of Public Bank in the distance. God knows how i managed to cross the busy street only to find myself in the hip and happening part of Bangsar. Jalan Telawi. I have and still am not familiar with that particular area of Bangsar. My geographical knowledge of Bangsar is limited to the areas adjacent to the Lrt station for i have no particular reason nor desire to be in Bangsar(except for the Readings thing a while back).

I walked around in circles, looking for a mamak. I even texted a friend from Shah Alam who is now a localized Bangsarite (or is it Bangsarian?) who confirmed that there is a Pelita somewhere around Jalan Telawi. Moments later i found the aforesaid Pelita. I looked up to the raining sky above and thanked God for the enterprising Indian Muslims whose joints are all over the place but i joy and prayers for the well being of the mamak was soon to be shortlived.

Due to the drizzle the Pelita was jampacked with people. I must have looked like a moron there. Standing, all damp and forlorn looking for a table for one. I cursed my rotten luck. It was hard to tear myself away from the enticing arome of Pelita but in the end my rumbling stomach won, i had to find an alternative. The demon residing in my stomach must be sated else it runs amok to the ruin of all.

Humanity was saved from total destruction by a chance encounter with a burger stall somewhere along the way. Daging double special with all the sauce dripping. Dinner in the rain had never tasted better. In the same breath i praised burger stalls i cursed Bangsar. I curse thee!

Bangsar now has the dishonour of being in my list of places i shall avoid at all costs. At all costs.

Shame on you Bangsar. Shame on you!