Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can we go home now?

At this point of time, i really really..really dislike juggling.

Monday, March 28, 2011


The moment French jets screamed overhead
and rained fiery death and destruction
Dies the dream of Free Libya
Fare thee well Gadaffi, thou shall not be missed
Its been too long,
Far too long

When elation fades in the hail of bullets
And  rocketry and barrages,
Reality kicks you in the gut.
Self-Liberation becomes Self-Preservation
and you say; the end justifies the means
But o what an end have you chosen
When you sold your pride and honour.

Was it asked amongst you,
Isn't it better live free for a day than to live yoked for a thousand years.
For Freedom bought with Western bombs and missiles is no Freedom at all,
Only to exchange one tyranny with another.

Goodbye Free Libya.
As brief and illusory as your existence may be,
You shall be missed.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Black and Green (again)

Earth Hour ini semua adalah sampah. What difference will it do to the enviroment by turning off your light for an hour? An hour later the same dickhead who turned off the lights would be in a club jiggling his/her ass to the music blaring out from power consuming amps, gasoline consuming cars would still roam the roads, bright lights would still pollute the night, tell me what difference will it make?

Meminjam kata Bibo, "Kita ni sibuk mengikut omputih, apa dia buat kita nak buat"

Sheeples and fools.