Thursday, May 18, 2017


Currently i am sitting at the 30th floor of a hotel built in 1982, sipping coffee and smoking my nuts off.

The missus and boy are downstairs. Asleep. Both tired of their day's exertion. Me, i could not sleep. I have a lot on my mind right now.Hence the coffee, and smoking.

On Tuesday, we said goodbye to the office. Handed over the keys to the landlord. Saddens both me and the missus  but it had to be done. Made no sense to spend on a space occassionally used. It was more of a man cave than an office to me.

On Saturday we sold most of our office furniture to a fellow lawyer. We kept only a small file rack, the meeting table, 3 folding chairs, 2 small coffee table and a shoe rack.
The firm made its first tactical retreat in 3 years. Still it had to be done. Sometimes i wonder what would the Fil would say had he still be around.

On Sunday the week before, the boy turned 1. Had a small gathering of family and friends, ate cake, murdered lamb (in curry form and roasted) and lived on leftovers the next few days(at least i did). The missus and i felt what all parent felt (i think): time flew away to fast. From a helpless poop and fart machine the boy grew in short time into a strapping young lad who is about to get his feet in a few weeks time.

Two days ago i received news that an aunt on my father's side passed away. I had just met her and my uncle at a family event barely a month ago. She was by all apperances, healthy.

So now, i sit on the 30th floor, sipping coffee and smoking, taking it all in. That feeling that life is fleeting

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